Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blog 3.0

I haven't had the best of luck with blogging..

Years ago I used to blog at a fantastic little online community known as modblog. It was by far the best blogging service going at the time. It had great features, was highly customisable and encouraged users to be actively involved in other people's blogs and share their knowledge of its workings.

Sadly though, after a long run of technical difficulties, features gradually stopped working, blog entries disappeared and the last I heard was someone took all the HDs out of the host server and forgot what order to put them back in. Modblog flatlined and was never seen again.

I heard whispers that many users migrated elsewhere, but I unfortunately didn't follow. It was probably a combination of procrastination and the busyness of life that kept me from joining them, but I did try again last year with another service. It just wasn't the same. I tired of it and that blog too is now history.

So this is attempt 3. I'll give it another shot. Why? Well I think I have more to tell, and you my friend, are not going to believe what you're reading..

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