Monday, January 26, 2009

Life After Conference

Well this week has been interesting..

We played host to the Agency's National Conference. It's held annually at our top secret locale, and this year we had some high-calibre guest speakers including Victorius Vandermink and Ferguson Feckworthy.

Both were absolutely outstanding, but a special mention to Ms Vandermink on her session covering the all important topic of Interdimensional Immigration. I now feel a greater mercy for the displaced and I'll be more understanding the next time the rift opens up and some poor gelatinous life-form plops out claiming refugee status under freedom proclamation #742.

I am extremely exhausted however. I spent most of the conference ensuring proton packs were charged and ready for demonstrations, that the rift was holding and that the auditorium was free from ectoplasm at all times. That kind of diligence takes it's toll after 7 back-to-back sessions of paranormal madness.

My claim to fame though is that I got to fix Ferguson Feckworthy's laptop. Go geek power! It's a Macbook Air and very thin, unlike Mr Feckworthy.

In case you're interested, the sessions were as follows;
Session 1 - Harnessing the Power of the Rift (Ferguson Feckworthy)
Session 2 - Interdimensional Immigration (Victorius Vandermink)
Session 3 - Eliminating Harmful Supernatural Beings (The Director - My Boss!)
Session 4 - Emerging Technology (including a demonstration of the new 7000-series Proton Packs!) (Ferguson Feckworthy)
Session 5 - Taming your Poltergeist (Ferguson Feckworthy)
Session 6 - Field Agent Care (Victorius Vandermink)
Session 7 - The Importance of Surviellance (Ferguson Feckworthy)

That's all from me for now - goodnight!

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